Process for Becoming an Aspen Tree Ministries Care Receiver

1. Download and complete Aspen Tree Intake Form, Aspen Tree Network-Release of Information

Aspen Tree Intake Form

Aspen Tree Release Form

2. If desired, complete ATM Application for Scholarship. 

Scholarship Application 

3. Submit all forms as email attachments as directed on each document. For those documents requiring
signatures, sign it and either scan and attach it in an email or fax it to Dr. Oliver (see information in the
footer of each form).

4. If you have requested a scholarship, the ATM Scholarship committee will review your request once
all documents have been received. A phone interview with the ATM Scholarship committee may be
requested before making a final decision.

5. Scholarships awarded by the committee (and the percent/amount to be underwritten by the Care
Receiver) will be sent to the Care Receiver and Dr. David Oliver, the Aspen Tree Care Supervisor.

6. Dr. David Oliver will interview the Care Receiver on the phone to facilitate a good match with a
Care Provider. When this is done he will make a referral to a Care Provider, providing all necessary
information including the Care Receiver’s Intake Form and a signed Release of Information. Be sure to
fax your signed Release of Information to Dr. David Oliver at (330) 497-8109. Please call Dr. Oliver in
advance when sending a fax.

7. Care Receivers will not be authorized to begin work with a Care Provider until all documents are

8. Payment is to be made by Care Receivers at the time of service unless other arrangements are made
directly with the Care Provider. An invoice will be sent by the Care Provider for payment and will
include the total amount due and what is to be paid from the scholarship awarded by ATM and the
balance to be paid by the Care Receiver. Dr. David Oliver, Robert Jennings (ATM Treasurer) and
the Care Receiver will receive a copy of all invoices. In this way, all parties involved will be able to
confirm that the invoices are consistent with services received.

9. If Care Providers have any payment issues with the Care Receivers, Aspen Tree is not legally liable
for collection of these funds. This is strictly between the two parties. However, Care Providers will
notify Dr. David Oliver and Robert Jennings of any collection issues. This will directly impact the Care
Receiver’s eligibility for services and scholarship assistance.

10. In the event of disagreement of any kind, all parties will openly address the issue and work for an

11. In cases of unresolvable conflict, the caring relationship can be concluded by either person. It is
expected that any unpaid fees will be immediately rendered by the Care Receiver regardless of
satisfaction with what has been offered to date. Notification is to be sent by email or letter to Dr. David
Oliver (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) from both the Care Receiver and Care Provider as to the dissolution of
the relationship and the reasons for such.

12. Supervision will be undertaken by Dr. David Oliver with all Care Providers. The signed Release of
Information form will make it possible for a candid discussion to be had about the Care Receiver’s
progress and goals. All information discussed will be held in confidence within the bounds of the law.